There are several Govt., private accommodations and Eco-tourism Camps available at Lataguri, Murti and Gorumara. The Govt. run accommodations are maintained by WBTDC & WBFDC. Accommodation is also provided for the tourists at the Murti Tourist Center just at the other side of the park. Situated on the bank of Murti River with a frontal view of Tondu forests, the Murti is preferred by most Wild Life lovers due to its quiet and calm atmosphere alongwith natural ingredients.
Lataguri is the nearest township 1km from Gorumara Park. There are some private resorts near the entrance of the park. Accommodation is also available inside the Gorumara sanctuary. The forest department has 2-room bungalow, Situated inside the dense forest the bungalow provides excellent facilities for wildlife viewing.
The Govt. Accommodations available at Gorumara and nearby places are –
• Gorumara Elephant Camp, Dhupjhora
• Gorumara Eco-village, Kalipur
• Gorumara Tents, Murty
• Gorumara Rhino Camp, Ramsai
• Gorumara Hornbill Nest, Bichabhanga
• Chapramari Wilderness Camp, Panjhora
• Nature Interpretation Centre (Lataguri)